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Top Restaurants in Kochi , Highly Rated

Barbeque Nation, Kochi

Positioned on the 6th Floor of the Imperial Trade Center, Barbeque Nation is renowned for its diverse offerings and is considered a successful casual dining restaurant chain.

Brindhavan Vegetarian Restaurant

Celebrated for its homely and flavorsome vegetarian dishes, Brindhavan Vegetarian Restaurant is a must-visit for those who enjoy traditional South Indian cuisine. The South Indian filter coffee here comes highly recommended.

Hoy Punjab Hotel Garden Inn, Kochi

A popular spot for those who relish Chinese and North Indian cuisines. With a cost-effective pricing and a notable discount on food and beverages, Hoy Punjab Hotel Garden Inn is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

Malabar Junction

Set in an open-sided pavilion and offering candlelit poolside tables, Malabar Junction is known for its stylish ambiance and quality cuisine.

Grand Pavilion

Housed within the Grand Hotel, Grand Pavilion features an elegant decor and a diverse menu that includes both local and international dishes.

Qissa Cafe

Known for its quaint ambiance and delectable menu, Qissa Cafe offers a serene environment for a casual meal or a refreshing beverage.

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