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Top 3 Varicose Vein Treatment Centers in Kochi

Varicose Vein Treatment in Kochi

Kochi, known for its advancements in healthcare, offers exceptional treatment options for varicose veins. Here's a look at the top three centers:

  1. Aster Medcity

  • Established: 2014

  • Specialty: Multi-specialty healthcare centre

  • Highlights:

  • Part of Aster DM Healthcare, a Dubai-based corporation.

  • Renowned for its quaternary care.

  • Recipient of The Clinical Excellence Award.

  • Features state-of-the-art medical facilities and a patient-centered approach

  1. Lourdes Hospital

  • Specialty: Vascular surgery

  • Highlights:

  • Known for providing world-class varicose vein treatments.

  • Boasts some of the best vascular surgeons in Kochi.

  • Offers comprehensive care and advanced treatment options

  1. Dr. Roy’s Varicose Vein Centre

  • Headed by: Dr. Roy Varghese

  • Specialty: Varicose vein treatments

  • Highlights:

  • Led by a highly qualified and internationally recognized vascular surgeon.

  • Offers specialized and innovative treatments for varicose veins.

  • Dr. Roy Varghese's extensive qualifications include MBBS, MS, DNB, Ph.D., and FSVS (USA)

Each of these centers is equipped with advanced technologies and staffed by experienced professionals, ensuring top-notch care for patients seeking varicose vein treatments in Kochi.

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