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List of Instagram Downloaders 2023-2024

Instagram Downloaders 2023-2024


Instagram has become a pivotal platform for sharing multimedia content. This guide, aimed at the Indian audience, offers a comprehensive list of the best Instagram downloaders for 2023-2024, suitable for both Android and iOS users.


It's essential to use Instagram downloaders within the boundaries of Instagram's terms of service and respect the copyright of content creators.

Terms and Conditions & Legal Compliance

Adhering to each downloader's terms and legal compliance, particularly in India, is crucial for a lawful experience.

Best Instagram Downloaders

1. InstaSave - Best Free Instagram Video Downloader App

Platform: Android Features: Known for its user-friendly interface, InstaSave allows quick downloads of Instagram videos and photos.

2. Video Downloader for Instagram - Best App to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

Platform: iOS Features: This app is renowned for downloading high-quality Instagram videos and is favored for its intuitive design.

3. QuickSave - Best Instagram Downloader App for Android

Platform: Android Features: QuickSave is efficient and easy to use, facilitating swift downloads of Instagram media.

4. InstaOffline - Best App to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Platform: Web-based Features: InstaOffline is a versatile web-based solution for downloading Instagram photos and videos.

5. GramSave - Apps to Download Instagram Videos on iPhone

Platform: iOS Features: GramSave excels in simplicity and effectiveness for downloading Instagram content on iOS devices.


Q: Are these downloaders free to use?

A: Most listed downloaders are free, with some offering premium features.

Q: Can I download private Instagram videos?

A: Downloading from private accounts usually requires permission and account access.

Q: Is it legal to use Instagram downloaders?

A: Legal use is confined to personal, non-commercial purposes in compliance with copyright laws.


These Instagram downloaders cater to various user needs across Android and iOS platforms. Remember to use these tools responsibly and in accordance with legal and ethical standards.

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