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Kuala Lumpur's Top Restaurants In google Maps

Kuala Lumpur's Top Restaurants

Malaysia’s top restaurant according to Asia's 50 Best and the Michelin Guide. Dewakan showcases the depths of Malaysian ingredients and cuisine with locally-sourced indigenous ingredients in interesting and high-stakes takes. Chef-proprietor Darren Teoh offers a culinary journey to experience Malaysia as a destination.

This Michelin-selected restaurant focuses on dry-aged meats, vegetables, and seafood grilled to perfection. Ember operates on what's locally available, practising sustainability. The atmosphere is refined, creative, and sophisticated, with a protein-forward menu designed for sharing.

A solid date-night spot, Gooddam features an Italian-inspired menu with handmade pasta and mains cooked with fresh, seasonal local produce. The restaurant offers a chef’s selection dinner and a casual weekend lunch, promising an exceptional dining experience.

In a city known for good Chinese food, Fatt Hei Len stands out with stellar Cantonese fare at reasonable prices. The restaurant delivers bold flavours with unflashy precision, offering dishes that could qualify as wedding banquet platters.

A casual, family-friendly restaurant with hearty sharing plates. Known for simple yet tastefully executed dishes like the signature buckwheat fried chicken. The crew offers a hospitable experience, patiently guiding guests through their menu.

These selections offer a variety of culinary experiences, from high-end dining to neighborhood comfort food, each with a unique charm that contributes to Kuala Lumpur's vibrant food scene.

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