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Exploring Top Payment Gateways in Mozambique: Enabling Secure and Efficient Transactions

As Mozambique's digital economy continues to grow, businesses and consumers alike are on the lookout for reliable and efficient payment gateways. This blog post delves into the leading payment platforms in Mozambique, highlighting their unique features and providing links to their websites for more detailed information.

  1. M-Pesa M-Pesa is a giant in the mobile money sector, boasting over 40 million users across multiple regions. Although it is highly popular for its secure and convenient transaction capabilities, its international scope is somewhat limited. Explore more about M-Pesa here.

  2. Pesapal Pesapal is known for its innovative solutions in online transactions, supporting a variety of payment methods. It is particularly appealing as transactions through the Pesapal mobile app incur no charges, though its services are more focused on local rather than international transactions. For further details, visit Pesapal.

  3. iPay Africa iPay Africa commands a strong presence in East Africa with a competitive flat transaction fee of 2.5%. The platform supports numerous payment methods, making it a versatile choice for merchants. Learn more about iPay Africa here.

  4. DPO Group A key player in East Africa, DPO Group provides seamless integration for online payments and supports a broad spectrum of payment methods including M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and credit/debit cards, all without any setup fees. Visit DPO Group’s website here.

  5. Flutterwave Since its launch in Kenya in 2019, Flutterwave has expanded its services to allow merchants to accept payments through various methods. Fees vary depending on the currency and location, catering to a diverse market. Check out Flutterwave here.

  6. JamboPay JamboPay offers a secure and reliable platform for handling various payments. It stands out with its competitive transaction fees and features like bulk and recurring payments. More information can be found on JamboPay.

  7. Tingg by Cellulant Available in multiple African countries, Tingg offers a versatile platform that supports diverse payment methods and provides extensive tools for transaction management. Discover more about Tingg here.

  8. Paystack Increasingly popular in Kenya, Paystack facilitates multiple payment options and provides comprehensive analytics and reporting tools, with fees varying for local and international transactions. Explore Paystack here.

  9. IntaSend IntaSend is a reliable and cost-effective payment gateway supporting multiple currencies and payment methods across Africa. Transaction fees are variable. Visit IntaSend here.

  10. KopoKopo Specializing in mobile money payments, KopoKopo is a popular choice among small and medium-sized enterprises in Kenya. Transaction fees depend on the payment method selected. For more information, go to KopoKopo.

Each of these platforms offers distinct advantages for businesses operating in Mozambique, catering to a variety of transactional needs.

Whether you are looking for extensive payment methods, competitive fees, or robust transaction management tools, these gateways provide the solutions to ensure smooth and secure transactions.

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